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The Kids-N-Kare Preschool program is designed to provide stimulating growth and development for the individual child with hands on learning experiences.  Children between the ages of 3-5 years of age are given the opportunity to develop wholesome social, emotional, physical, and cognitive relationships in a warm and safe setting.  Opportunities are provided for meaningful play that is based on the child's needs, interests, and abilities.  Through planned activities, children will further develop their skills of observation, questioning, discovery and listening.  


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Classes Offered


Our Preschool Plus classes offer an extended program for children that are preparing to go to Kindergarten.  In this program, we will work with children on gaining the academic skills and knowledge that will be expected of them as they enter Kindergarten.  We will also be exposing the children to more advanced skill development in the areas of computers, language, music and art. We recommend that your child is four years of age by October 1st to enroll for this class.

Preschool Plus A.M. Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:00-11:30 a.m. Preschool Plus P.M. Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:00-3:00 p.m.                                                          


In this class, we focus on helping children learn how to socialize with their peers and how to follow rules and rountines in a school setting.  We also do a variety of fun crafts and activities that guide and support each child's individual development and learning.  To enroll in our Little Learners class your child must be three years of age by October 1st and potty trained.


Little Learners Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:00 a.m.

Elementary Certified Teacher and State Certified Teacher's Aide

Tuition fees may be tax deductible.

Childcare provided before and after preschool, if needed, for an additional fee. 


Goals and Objectives: 

Preschool provides the setting and opportunity for children to explore their world around them, develop their social skills and become more independent.  Exploring and trying to understand the world is natural and crucial to children's development.  We will be using techniques and activities which stimulate children's curiosity, inventiveness, problem-solving, and communication skills. 

Our goals and objectives are to help in the development of all areas such as:


  • Provide a situation that imparts a sense of order and discipline, and predictability to the child.

  • Encourage the child to experiment in his/her thinking & verbalization.

  • Foster a positive or valued self-image.

  • Encourage the child to experiment in his/her activities.

  • Encourage give-and-take among children, minimizing adult intervention and guidance.

  • Develop a full range of activities to promote cognitive development.

  • Foster the motivation to be an achiever.

  • Foster a sense of competence and ability in the child.

  • Help children to enjoy themselves.

Enrollment Policies:


  • Children attending preschool must be at least three years of age and potty trained.
  • Parents must provide the center with the following as required by the State of Michigan.
  • Child Information Card-Enrollment Form
  • Complete and up-to-date Health Appraisal Form signed by a licensed physician. All health forms must be renewed every year. 
  • All papers must be completed and turned in before the child may stay at the center.
  • All payments are made payable to Capac Community Schools.
  • No tuition adjustments are made for absences or withdrawals.
  • Please call the center if your child will not be in attendance.

To learn more about our preschool programs, please call (810)395-3639.